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Some thoughts from our team that will hopefully challenge and inspire you.

Strictly Boardroom is our board-level legal briefing for business leaders in all sectors.

Strictly Legal is our board-level legal briefing for business leaders in the legal sector.

O’Connors News is our update on our reportable client deals and developments within our business.

31.01.23 Strictly Boardroom

Corporate Governance is key to B Corp Status

Almost every day another company becomes B Corp certified, reflecting their exacting standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. B Corp companies are verified by B Lab UK, a not-for-profit network transforming the global economy to benefit people, communities and the planet, enabling people to use businesses as a force for good.
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12.08.22 Strictly Boardroom

Incentivising staff through employee share schemes

Nelson Mandela said that money won’t create success but the freedom to make it will. Perhaps this explains why more and more companies are using employee share schemes as a means of incentivising staff - aligning the interests of employees and shareholders whilst providing tax-efficient rewards.
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29.07.22 Strictly Boardroom

Important changes to the regulation of funeral plans

American actor and comedian Jonathan Katz once said that he hated going to funerals because he was not a mourning person. Well at least he had a funeral plan.
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07.07.22 Strictly Boardroom

Preparing a company for sale

Selling a business is usually the biggest decision a business owner takes and managing a sale process is emotionally demanding and time-consuming - time away from running the business. Taking steps to prepare your business for a sale, well before a buyer is on the horizon, will make things very much easier when the sale process starts.
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27.06.22 Strictly Boardroom

Change afoot for the insurance appointed representative regime

Under section 19 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (‘FSMA’) there is a general prohibition against a person (which includes a body corporate) carrying on (or purporting to carry on) a regulated activity in the UK unless they are an authorised or exempt person. Carrying on a regulated activity in breach of this general prohibition is a criminal offence and could result in certain agreements entered into being unenforceable.
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25.05.22 Strictly Boardroom

How insurance lawyers can enhance warranty & indemnity insurance policies

Warranty and indemnity (‘W&I’) insurance is now a well-established product for parties in corporate transactions and, for deals of a certain size, is frequently taken out as a matter of course.
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28.04.22 Strictly Boardroom

Managing personal liabilities when running an incorporated dental practice

One of the fundamental reasons to run a dental business via a limited company is to protect the owners and directors from incurring personal liability for the debts and liabilities of the business. The general rule is that an owner or director of an incorporated business cannot be held personally liable for its debts and liabilities provided their actions fall within the parameters of the company’s constitution and the actions are otherwise lawful.
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25.04.22 Strictly Boardroom

Cryptoasset Automated Teller Machines – Ye Be Warned!

In a recent warning to the operators of cryptoasset automated teller machines (“CATMs”), the FCA confirmed that of the cryptoasset firms listed on its register, none have been approved to offer CATM services. Therefore, any providers that do operate CATMs in the UK do so unlawfully and risk getting on the wrong side of the regulator.
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22.04.22 Strictly Boardroom

The Regulation of Stablecoins and the Use of Decentralised Ledger Technology in Financial Markets - A Bitesize Guide to the April 2022 Consultation Response

In January last year, the government issued a consultation paper and call for evidence on the UK’s regulatory approach to cryptoassets and stablecoins. The consultation paper wanted views on how the UK can ensure its regulatory framework is equipped to harness the benefits of new technologies, supporting innovation and competition, while mitigating risks to consumers, market integrity, and financial stability. The government’s proposals in the consultation paper were largely informed by views expressed by UK’s the Cryptoassets Taskforce (made up of HM Treasury, the Bank of England, and the FCA) in its final report setting out a regulatory pathway for the UK to mitigate the risks, and enhance the benefits, of cryptoassets and distributed ledger technology (“DLT”).  
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23.03.22 Strictly Boardroom

Managing cyber risks Part 1: IT Contracts

O’Connors has collaborated with Baker Tilly on a three-part series of articles on the theme Managing Cyber Risk. First published by AIRMIC this article is part one which addresses IT contracts and the complexities that come with cyber risk for law firms, although the issues raised apply equally to other sectors.
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