It would be wrong to say we’re not interested in making money. After all, no advisers can sustain a consistently good service if they don’t.

Our aim, though, is to make money with you, not from you. By investing our hearts and souls in helping you overcome obstacles and seize opportunities, we believe our respective interests become aligned. That our collective effort will ultimately deliver collective reward.

Because of the way we work, we can take a flexible and risk-sharing approach to how we charge you and how you pay us - an approach we believe is rare amongst our competitors.

So, here are SIX COMMITMENTS we give to you that we believe guarantee you fairness, transparency and value for money:

  1. We will charge for our work based on an open discussion with you about the scope of the work required, the complexity and urgency of the project or transaction and the value we believe we can deliver to you. So you will always know what you are committing to.
  2. If we agree between us that a pay-as-you-go charging structure is the most appropriate one for a particular stage of a project or transaction, we will be clear about the charging rates of everyone working for you and provide you with open-book work-in-progress data every month end or when you require it. So you will always know where you are up to.
  3. You will never receive an invoice from us that you are not expecting and, other than in exceptional circumstances, we will agree with you the amount of every invoice before we render it. So you will never get a nasty surprise.
  4. We will be open to discussing different charging options with you based on an allocation of risk between us. Compare, for example, a pay-as-you-go option without any controls (where the risk is all yours) with a fixed fee option without any controls (where the risk is all ours). We can outline different options, as you require, and work with you to achieve a happy landing. So you will always have options and the freedom to choose what works for you.
  5. We recognise that some businesses are early stage or facing financial challenges and we will be open to discussing different ways of structuring and paying our charges that fairly reflect this. So you will never be without the support you need, when you need it.
  6. We know the importance of cost control and we will use our legal project management expertise to eliminate, as far as practicable, unnecessary duplication of work, by us or by those engaged by us on your behalf. So you will never pay us more than once for the advice you need.