Our work in the sport sector encompasses professional and amateur sports, as well as sport-related leisure, entertainment and technology businesses. Whatever your involvement in sport may be, our unmatched experience in the sector means you can rely upon our unique blend of corporate, commercial, insurance and regulatory advice to help you minimise your risk and maximise your opportunities - wherever in the world you are operating.

We have experience of advising across all sports (including athletics, boxing, cricket, cycling, equestrian, football, golf, horse-racing, lacrosse, motor sport, rugby, swimming and tennis) and have experience of advising:

Amateur sports clubs - In an increasingly pressured and risk sensitive environment, our experience of advising amateur sports clubs includes constitutional, restructuring, and governance advice on the appropriate unincorporated or incorporated legal structure for a business. In particular, we assist with CASC and charitable status and funding. Find more here.

Governing bodies - The governance of sporting activity is evolving fast. The creation of governance structures and rules requires a deep understanding of how regulation works, both in theory and in practice. We have experience of working with governing bodies in different industries and professions, helping to establish or refine their regulatory frameworks and develop guidance for those they regulate. This experience also helps us to provide support to those who are regulated so they can better interpret the rules and codes of conduct they are subject to. Find more here.

Players & athletes - We use our corporate, commercial, insurance and regulatory expertise to advise professional and amateur players & athletes throughout and beyond their playing careers. Find more here.

Professional sports clubs - Our experience of advising the professional sports clubs ranges from advising shareholders on the acquisition and disposal of English Premier League and Football League clubs to advice on regulatory and professional conduct rules across many different professional sports. Find more here.

Sport-related businesses - As the commercialisation of sport grows, our expertise encompasses advising sports-related businesses on consultancy agreements, agency agreements, service agreements, sponsorship agreements, contractual joint ventures and product and app development. We also provide specialist intellectual property and brand advice, as well as offering data rights protection to protect and maximise value. Find more here.

For further information, please contact Phil Bowers, David Malone or Josh Bates.